Core Business


The company offers engineering services related to the design of new products with highly innovative technological content.

Our customers come to us to technologically innovate their product line or to design new intelligent vehicles to perform various complex tasks within the production process.

The company adopts Model-Based Design Engineering (MBDE), a graphically supported mathematical methodology used to solve problems related to the design of complex control systems.

It is applied in many industrial sectors (including automotive and aerospace) and consists of the formalized application of modelling to support the entire product development process: requirements formalization, system design, analysis, verification and validation of the integrated system.

Supplying Electronic Hardware and Software

Products made by Autognity can be integrated into a wide variety of third party autonomous industrial vehicles, enabling a high increase in performance, autonomy and intelligence.

Autognity offers several types of highly customizable electronic boards suitable for both indoor and outdoor vehicles, whether on smooth, even surfaces or off-road such as agricultural fields.

Builder of AMR

Autognity proposes robotic machines on the market, presenting its own line of intelligent and cognitive autonomous vehicles that are highly customizable according to the customer’s specifications, able to interact in an advanced manner based on artificial intelligence algorithms with the environment in which they are integrated.


Autognity offers in the form of SaS a service to analyze all the information necessary to improve the performance of AMR mobile robots and identify the best configuration of the environment in which the AMRs must move, in order to guarantee the customer an optimal ROI.