Mission Programming

A visual programming language (VPL) allows programmers to perform coding graphically.

The VPL provides a collection of graphical elements such as spatial text, nodes and icons that users assemble to program.
The system executes a graphical programme with an interpreter or compiler.

List of actions

List of events

List of control structures

Example of a programme for an autonomous forklift truck:

AMR Software

The AMR control software boasts a very modular functional architecture where each logical block is associated with a specific function and all the input/output relations with the other blocks, thus guaranteeing, among many advantages, modifiability: in the event of changes in requirements, it is possible to restrict the changes to be made to a system to those components where the requirements in question are fulfilled. To this end, a traceability matrix is defined to store the fulfilment/realisation relationship between requirements and components. Another important advantage concerns portability: in order to migrate a system to a different platform, it is sufficient to intervene on the interface components with the underlying platform: having defined the architecture of a system makes it possible to identify these components.