Autognity together with Pure Power Control and Robosurf forms the Purity Group, which is active in the field of vehicle control systems, industrial automation and robotics.

People are at the heart of Purity.

Their work requires strong and reliable connections, not only between people, but also across the network.

This community of innovators cannot be stopped or slowed down.

• Automotive and construction machinery
• On-board control electronics vehicle
• Electric and hybrid electric vehicles

Mobile Robots for painting

Quality Policy

The Quality Policy is the reference framework for defining the objectives, which are aimed at improving the Group’s performance and, as far as possible, are measurable. These objectives are defined by the Management in coherence with the Company Policy, they aim at transforming the customer’s need into a real product, following continuously evolving strategies that aim at excellence, in order to consolidate the relationship with the customer, gain market shares and create a close-knit and competent team.