Robots deeply melted
with machine learning


To design, develop and provide innovative solutions for industrial mobility, industrial automation, and robotics by applying the most advanced results of scientific research and technological progress

Producing cognitive machines and robots equipped with intelligent functions and capable of learning and reasoning about how to behave in response to complex goals in a complex world

Contributing to the epoch-making transformation of mobility and to the profound innovation in the various production sectors made possible by technological progress, favoring new models geared towards full sustainability.


Autognity together with Pure Power Control and Robosurf forms the Purity Group, which is active in the field of vehicle control systems, industrial automation and robotics.

People are at the heart of Purity.

Their work requires strong and reliable connections, not only between people, but also across the network.

This community of innovators cannot be stopped or slowed down.

• Automotive and construction machinery
• On-board control electronics vehicle
• Electric and hybrid electric vehicles

• Mobile Robots for painting

core business


The company offers engineering services related to the design of new products with highly innovative technological content.
Our customers come to us to technologically innovate their product line or to design new intelligent vehicles to perform various complex tasks within the production process.


Products made by Autognity can be integrated into a wide variety of third party autonomous industrial vehicles, enabling a high increase in performance, autonomy and intelligence.
Autognity offers several types of highly customizable electronic boards suitable for both indoor and outdoor vehicles, whether on smooth, even surfaces or off-road such as agricultural fields.


Autognity proposes robotic machines on the market, presenting its own line of intelligent and cognitive autonomous vehicles that are highly customizable according to the customer’s specifications, able to interact in an advanced manner based on artificial intelligence algorithms with the environment in which they are integrated.


Autognity offers in the form of SaS a service to analyze all the information necessary to improve the performance of AMR mobile robots and identify the best configuration of the environment in which the AMRs must move, in order to guarantee the customer an optimal ROI.


I robot AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) sono piattaforme molto flessibili, garantendo un elevato grado di personalizzazione per essere quindi integrati in svariati ambiti applicativi.
Within a self-contained mobile platform there are families of components that can be chosen and sized to meet the widest range of needs.
The operator who has to interact with these platforms uses a simple and intuitive interface to easily define the missions of the machine.
The various control units inside the AMRs include an industrial PC with Linux OS and various electronic boards that use different communication protocols to communicate bidirectionally with the industrial PC, thus representing its connection with the physical world. In fact, these electronic boards are dedicated to dialogue with various types of sensors and actuators (lifting forks, driving cleaning devices are some examples) that may be present on the machinery. The control unit also dialogues with the Power Unit in charge of adjusting the speed of the drive wheels and/or steering axle.