The fourth industrial revolution currently underway involves a radical innovation of the production plants and represents an important opportunity for expansion for the industrial automation sector. The smart factory, divided into smart production, smart services and smart energy, is the final result of this revolution. Industrial automation products in the Industry 4.0 context are no longer simple independent production lines, but systems consisting of cyber-physical systems (CPS), or physical systems that are closely connected with IT systems and that can interact and collaborate with each other. Autognity is engaged in the innovative Industry 4.0 process and develops interconnected robotic systems, equipped with advanced acquisition devices, and sophisticated software products for data analysis that allow to achieve a high degree of monitoring and production management. In addition, Autognity conceives and manufactures self-driving vehicles with high navigation capabilities and interaction with the environment. Self-driving vehicles are mobile platforms that are not limited to material handling operations, but can perform surveillance or processing functions, constituting a connecting link with robotic operating machines and agricultural machinery for precision agriculture.